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Our People

What We Do

Hello and welcome from the team at the Swire Chinese Language Centre London. The central team works across all of the schools within the centre, in varying capacities. We work with students, teachers, teaching assistants, department leads, senior leads and principals to ensure the successful teaching and learning of Chinese, both on the curriculum and as enrichment.

Who We Are


Jacquelyn Lomas

Swire Project Lead


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David Shanks

Swire Project Manager


Cara Bleiman

Chinese Primary Project Consultant 


James Stagg

MFL Consultant (Chinese) 


Linying Liu

MFL Consultant (Chinese)



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Yee-Mei Ngan

Primary Chinese Teacher


Angela McCullough

Chinese Lead Practitioner 


Yuqing Hu

Primary & Secondary Chinese Teacher



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Matthew Bent



Samantha McQueeney