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Our Schools


Our Schools

Academy Chinese Development

The Swire Chinese Language Centre had just two schools with Chinese on the curriculum in 2015. Move forward in time to 2019, and there are now 18 schools currently teaching Chinese, embedded within the regular curriculum of the school. On top of this, the centre works with a whole host of schools, both inside and external to, the Harris Federation. Helping to support schools with their ambitions to put Chinese on the curriculum. There are now more than 5000 students studying Chinese in schools across the centre. Our students study on a range of courses, including GCSE, A Level, FCSE, HSK and YCT. Schools also run a range of clubs and enrichment events to better facilitate community understanding of China and Chinese culture. We are incredibly proud of the growth of our schools, and look forward to continuing to grow the provision of Chinese in schools in and around London.  If you are interested in starting Chinese on the curriculum, please contact us, we are happy to support in any way we that we can.




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