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Generously funded by SWIRE, Chobham Academy becomes the only All-Through comprehensive school in the country that teaches Mandarin Chinese to all age groups at a large scale. It is not just the elite top set learning Mandarin at Chobham Academy Primary, every single pupil from Reception to Year 6 are having Mandarin or Chinese related lessons. Whilst at Chobham Academy Secondary, more than half the cohort of students are learning Mandarin and choose to keep on learning Mandarin to GCSE level.

Last year alone, Chobham Academy Secondary had 91 students sitting the GCSE Chinese exam,  the largest exam entry from a UK mainstream school versus saturday Chinese community schools, and their results were outstanding, with positive progress 8 and more than half of them achieved 7-9 (A to A**).

Frist Prize Student.jpg

First Prize Individual Student Winner!

First Prize By Teacher.jpg

With the hard work of Mandarin teacher Jessie Moore who hosts the Chinese cultural club at Chobham Academy Primary students were entered into a Chinese painting competition.


Students Fatima Sonko (Year 5), Amira Ismailjee (Year 5) and their teacher Jessie Moore were lucky winners in the competition.

Second Prize Student.jpg

First Prize Individual Teacher Winner!

Second Prize Individual Student Winner!

Chinese Leaderboard.jpg

Chinese Blossoms                

at Chobham Academy

 Achievements include: 

  • Excellent Group Award

  • First Prize Individual TeacherMs Jessie Moore

  • First Prize Individual StudentFatima Sonko (Year 5)

  • Second Prize Individual Student Amira Ismailjee (Year 5)

The Competition was organised by UKAPCE (UK Association for the Promotion of Chinese Education), a well established non-profit Chinese educational organisation.

We would like to congratulate all of them and all of the students who took part in the competition!

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